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      After 7 years of operation, Advent Tattoo & Art Galley has gained noteriety for our unique approach to tattooing and our focus of quality over quantity. Our vision is to create a culture around tattoos as a fine-art form. Our customer service and design work set us apart from our competitors. Each of our artists have a multi-medium background anchored in art.  

      Our team spends quality time with each client to create a one of a kind design that reflects their personality and ideas. Our mission is to take tattooing to the next level, from the artwork to the client’s experience. We want to cultivate an experience that is rewarding for both the client and artist. Each tattoo is a new piece of fine-art imagined and created specifically for that client.

       In addition to tattooing we are also a fine art gallery showcasing artwork from various artists from around the globe.


  • How do I get a tattoo at Advent Tattoo & Art Gallery?
    First you will need a general idea of what you are wanting to get tattooed. Once you have the idea you'll need to choose which artist you would like to work with. Be sure the artist's style you choose matches the tattoo project you have in mind. If styles doesnt match the artist will be less inclined to take on your project. once you choose your artist, contact them, and set up a consultation to discuss the details of your project.
  • Are you appointent only? can you take walkins?
    Advent Tattoo & Art Gallery is a custom tattoo studio which means we design every tattoo project that comes in. In order to do this we work by appointment only basis. If you have a small tattoo that doesn't require a lot of design work, and there is a artist available we can more than likely accomodate you as a walk in.
  • How do you charge?
    Each artist at Advent Tattoo & Art Gallery charge different rates. All tattoo projects are based on a hour rate which ranges from 160-200 per hour. The studio minimum for any project, no matter how small is $100.00
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